Election Archives

The links below will open a .pdf file that contains a breakdown of precinct by precinct results for the election. It also includes voter turnout and percentages (where applicable). If you do not have Adobe Reader and would like to view these files, please click here to download the free Adobe Reader.

2020 Primary Precinct-By-Precinct Results

2020 Presidential Preference Primary Precinct-by-Precinct Results

2018 General Precinct-by-Precinct Results

2018 Primary Precinct-by-Precinct Results

2016 General Precinct-by-Precinct Results

2016 Primary Precinct-by-Precinct Results

2016 Presidential Preference Primary Precinct-by-Precinct Results

2014 General Precinct-by-Precinct Results

2014 Primary Precinct-by-Precinct Results
2012 General Precinct-by-Precinct Results 
2012 Primary Precinct-by-Precinct Results 
2012 Presidential Preference Primary 
2011 Special General Precinct-by-Precinct 
2011 Special Primary Precinct-by-Precinct 
2010 General Precinct-By-Precinct
2010 Primary 
2008 General 
2008 Primary 
2008 Presidential Preference Primary 
2006 General 
2006 Primary 
2000 and 2004 Constitutional Amendments by District 
2004 General 
2004 Primary 
2004 Presidential Preference Primary 
2002 General 
2002 Primary 
2001 Special Election Referendum 
2000 General 
2000 Second Primary 
2000 First Primary 
2000 Presidential Preference Primary 
1998 General 
1998 Second Primary 
1998 First Primary 
1996 General 
1996 Second Primary 
1996 First Primary 
1996 Presidential Preference Primary 

**In 2002, the legislature suspended the second primary. In 2004, the legislature passed a law that would permantly repeal the second primary.**

 **Election results before 1990 available upon request**